Should you need to cancel or re-book, please do so 48 hours in advance in order to offer availability to another. Utilize the link located in your appointment notifications. If an appointment is not cancelled 48 hours before fees apply. No shows are no longer invited to be a guest under Meg Conkling, INC or Curly Hair Alchemist.

Please plan your travel time accordingly. We grant a 15 minute grace period, in which we may need to reschedule, and will result in a re-scheduling fee. Same day re-scheduling fees apply.



We do not accept opened or used products. Products will receive a full refund after 7 days of purchase. Please email us directly to notify us of your return. Anything after that is non- refundable and does not qualify for store credit.
All services are non-refundable if you have an issue with your service please follow the instructions below and we'd be happy to try and solve any issues you may have.



If the service that was agreed upon in the consultation was not technically executed to your standards please inform me at the time of your appointment. Or send an email directly to curlsholdmagic@gmail.com within 24 hours. A service will be scheduled 7 days for an adjustment.

Notifications after 24 hours are not eligible for complementary restyles. No refunds will be given on any services.



Cash is preferred. All credit cards are accepted. As of June 2019  a 3.5% cc fee for cc transactions applies. Our prices are subject to change without notice. All listed pricing for services are starting prices. Many variables can change this price and will be discussed within the consultation.



A message from Meg Conkling:
Please come in with your hair properly prepped for your appointment. To receive a proper curly cut I need to see what's going on with your hair on a daily basis. I want to see the buffet of curl types, heat damage, the stubborn piece, etc. The same obstacles you deal with will give me only more information of what it is you struggle with every single day. These obstacles are vital for me to assess and evaluate what will be the perfect solution to customize your appointment. Not doing so can result in declining your service and fees do apply.

You will receive a confirmation email of your scheduled appointment, at the bottom of the email under special instructions you will be asked to review these Policies and Terms. You are responsible to read and follow before each appointment. 

From the date appointment is scheduled, I kindly ask you refrain from using oils. No oils on hair!

All haircutting services are performed when the hair is in a resting state, worn down, tangle free, 100% dry and styled with curl friendly products to improve definition. 

A few tips to help you along the way:

Do not brush hair out when dry. Tangle free means detangling in the shower with conditioner before applying styling products to define curls.

If your hair takes a very long time to dry please plan accordingly this way your hair is fully dried for the dry curly cut service. The hair is different when it is wet. It does not offer an authentic curl, texture or curl type when wet.

If you hair is very thick, I recommend you condition your ends in smaller sections. One section at a time will help get those hard to reach places.

Refrain from pulling in a bun, ponytail, 1/2 up, clipped with hair clips, or covered with hats before showing up for your appointment.



All curl types must be tangle free before applying styling products. Tender headed? If yes, you must get in touch via email and discuss the situation with tangles, matting or dreading ahead of time. Additional fees will apply to anyone with a detangling session over 10 minutes.