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We Refill your Product Bottles:

We are offering refills for Innersense Organic Beauty 10oz Hairbaths & Conditioners. Come in and receive 20% off towards your reused bottle. Get in touch of when to come by via email:

Online Booking/Availability:

Online makes it easy to see what is free to book. Our online calendar does not show the entire calendar year. The calendar is open for a moving two months at a time.

If you do not see availability for the service time you are selecting, please try again later.

Waiting for an appointment:

Thank you for your patience. We ask that you check back for availability as there are always cancellations.

Salon Availability:

We are working Tuesday, Thursday, & Fridays.

Thank you so much and cannot wait to see you!


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Returning Client Services

Returning Client Express Cut (12 weeks) $140

Please allow 30 minutes for this service. The cut will be performed on your fully styled hair to re-establish shape and remove worn and frayed ends for established clients only who will arrive already styled for a cut-only maintenance experience. Established guests who have received at least 3 consecutive curl cut experiences by Meg.

Returning Client Cut (8-16 weeks) $200

Please allow a 1-2 hours for this service. The goal is to create shapes that suit your lifestyle and reflect your journey.  Haircut includes wash, style, dry and refinement.

Returning Client Cut (16+ week) $250-$325

Please allow a 1-2 hours for this service. The goal is to create a haircut shape that suits your lifestyle.  Haircut includes wash, style, dry and refinement.

Hydrate + Define $80 & up

A relaxing 3 step cleanse + hydrate + define with dryer time to lock in the best wash’n’go curls of your life.  This service is reserved for Existing Clients only.


New Client Services

New Client Experience   $325 & up

Please allow a 1.5-3.5 hours

If you are looking to partner with a knowledgeable stylist and it is your first time at our salon, this appointment is for you. This service includes a haircut transformation, and educational wash and style. Our stylists will work alongside you.


"Meg is very polite, easy to talk to, informative and really knows her stuff. One of the best parts about the experience is she makes it easy. She sends you home with a step-by-step routine based on your hair type/needs. She has made this new experience for me very simple and made me feel extremely comfortable now caring for and styling my hair myself. Leaving her salon I felt much more educated and confident that I could achieve the same results at home. HIGHLY recommend."

Amanda A.

How To Prepare Your Curls for Your Appointment: 

 Please cleanse, condition and style your hair curly (with product) the day of your appointment or day before at the most.

If you are new to being natural and you struggle to understand what your hair needs, please come in the best you can with your hair naturally out. We’ve got you! 

DON’T arrive with a ponytail, bun, twist out, roller-set, perm-rod set, curl-former, etc. or any style that stretches or changes your hair’s natural curl pattern.

DON’T brush, pick or comb your hair out the day of your service.

DON’T style your hair with products that are excessively sticky or greasy/oily. For example, shea butter or coconut oil. Also any products with heavy perfume or fragrance.

Conditions and Terms FAQs

All services are include a free consultation.
Prices are subject to change after the consultation.
Please read our Policies and Terms located at the bottom of every page. We encourage you to also read our FAQs page. We have made it very easy to clarify any uncertainty that can occur with using our online approach. We are a paperless salon and all reservations are made online. Thank you!


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