The salon is currently closed  due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We ask all of our guests to please be kind, patient and understanding that it may take a while to get back into the booking calendar. For now we offer virtual services.

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We love and care for all of our clients. It is crucial we take care of one another. Although it's hard to not take in our amazing guests, we'll love it, even more, to see everyone again in good health.


What is a Virtual Consultation?

One-on-One video chat  with Meg Conkling herself. Experience the same valuable information she offers in salon, but at your home.

Below are the services and their descriptions. Select the best one that calls for what you need, or email us to ask questions to help you choose.



Virtual Consultation 30 minutes


In this session we identify which issue needs addressing most. We will then discuss what products to accommodate your hair , due to your current ingredient choices and atmosphere.

Virtual Consultation 90 minutes


Within this recorded video call you will receive one-on-one coaching breaking down your regimen as you yourself get hands-on with your hair. You will be guided on how to apply products to achieve the results your hair needs within the atmosphere it's currently in. Includes one follow up call and recorded broadcast. 

Some topics to discuss:
How to transition out of DevaCurl products
What's the best shampoo for your scalp
What to do about hair loss
How to properly detangle your hair

Virtual Group Consultation 2 hrs

$35 per person (5 people)

Your ultimate Friends and Family Plan for five members video call who want one-on-one training to discuss product applications, shower regimen and hair solutions for the atmosphere you currently live in. Learn together and thrive together. All group sessions come with one follow up call and recorded broadcast.


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"Meg is very polite, easy to talk to, informative and really knows her stuff. One of the best parts about the experience is she makes it easy. She has you apply the products yourself, after showing you of course on one side and sends you home with a step-by-step routine based on your hair type/needs. She has made this new experience for me very simple and made me feel extremely comfortable now caring for and styling my hair myself. Leaving her salon I felt much more educated and confident that I could achieve the same results at home. HIGHLY recommend."

Amanda A.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

(Not doing so can result in declining your service and fees do apply.)

All haircutting services are performed when the hair is in a resting state, worn down, tangle free, 100% dry and styled with curl friendly products to improve definition. 

The same obstacles you deal with will give me only more information of what it is you struggle with every single day. These obstacles are vital for me to assess and evaluate what will be the perfect solution to customize your appointment. 

A few tips to help you before your appointment and in general:

Do not brush hair out when dry. Tangle free means detangling in the shower with conditioner before applying styling products to define curls. If you hair is very thick, I recommend you condition your ends in smaller sections. One section at a time will help get those hard to reach places.

I kindly ask you refrain from using oils like serums or products you know are weighing down your hair. Especially oils from your kitchen!  

If your hair takes a very long time to dry please plan accordingly this way your hair is fully dried for the dry curly cut service. The hair is different when in a dry state, as offers an authentic texture than when wet. 

Be prepared to open up

Share as much as you can. Don’t wait for the pro to ask all the questions. The more your curl stylist knows about your hair history—the highlights, the challenges and your approach to daily maintenance—the better she will be able to create a cut and a daily styling routine you’ll love. Bringing in a few #hairgoals pics to show your stylist is a great idea, but when you’re scouting online, choose images of curly hair that match your own texture and lifestyle. 

Conditions and Terms FAQs

All services are include a free consultation.
Prices are subject to change after the consultation.
Please read our Policies and Terms located at the bottom of every page. We encourage you to also read our FAQs page. We have made it very easy to clarify any uncertainty that can occur with using our online approach. We are a paperless salon and all reservations are made online. Thank you!


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