When it comes to products, you’re probably overwhelmed by how many options the curly hair industry provides. The reason behind this is because this new curly chapter in the industry is still very young. So as we are learning about our hair, the product companies are learning right alongside us to provide the best results.

All products sold in my online store are curl friendly. I believe in providing companies that offer high performance formulations because I have used them in the salon and have seen first hand what they are capable of.

I also believe in high quality ingredients that offer healthy alternatives and are significantly reducing cancer causing effects.

Beauty can be clean, healthy and enriching simply by what we put on our hair and skin. Toxicity levels are extremely low in all 3 products lines carried.  Straight from the U.K where all ingredients are pure, TREPADORA Curl Therapy. Fresh and clean like the California sun Innersense Organic Beauty, and the well renowned and one of the first curly hair product lines, DevaCurl.

If it’s one thing I want you to know right now is your don’t need 10 products in your bathroom! Honestly!!!

You need the most 3-5. If you live in the northeast you may experience an alteration to which products to use due to seasonal changes.

As Lorraine Massey says in her book, The Curly Girl, “your hair is a barometer and reacts to the environment, especially humidity.”


Trepadora delivers the most hydrating and effective formulations crafted with only the finest ingredients to nourish and repair your hair from the inside out. Certified organic and vegan.


INNERSENSE ORGANIC BEAUTY  Preserving the beauty of botanicals through conscious chemistry, Innersense connects us to the healing power of the natural world around us, and within us. Certified organic.

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All DevaCurl products are 100% sulfate, silicone and paraben free, and Vegan.

The extra tools you need from our prefered suppliers to keep you styling.