What’s so special about working with Meg?


Our conversations always start with your story and what you want. To help figure out what works for your curls and your everyday. These conversations are about more than hair. They’re about who you are at the core. 

“Best haircut of my life! The shape, the bounce, the breath of fresh air I experienced after was just the start. Meg made me feel so relaxed and heard before we even started which made the entire experience magic. My first haircut without tears! Thank you Meg”

Janira Martinez
“My hair is more beautiful than it has ever been since Meg starting cutting It. She’s beyond talented!”
Inna Finch

“Meg often reveals her inner beauty and mystery by taking on various archetypes with artful makeup and wardrobe….. she resonates feline energy and enlightens her heart through trials of the soul…. her beauty is captivating…. her presence brings everyone to smiles as she touches the most unlikely around her….. she is destined for great love”

Kevin Locke
“Meg Conkling is my curls savior and tamer.”
Betsy Cadel

I have always had long hair, and been told, by numerous hairstylists that they would keep it long and didn’t. I pretty much sat in chairs and micro managed every thing they did, which made for numerous awful experiences. So I have LONG hair, I had a great feeling of Meg cutting my hair, but I kept rescheduling with very valid excuses to keep postponing.
Meg showed up radiant and ready! All the months postponing, and my perfect cut was done in under an hour! AND the best part is that it was EXACTLY how I wanted it! I feel really really lucky to have Meg work with my hair!

Shane Kulman
“It’s the best “short” haircut I’ve ever had. Good work!”
Bill Piersol

“it’s not a haircut, it’s an experience”. My first visit was eye-opening. Meg was not only spot on with the cut she gave me, but she truly is a therapist for hair, a “hairapist” meaning sometimes curly girls just have to talk it out therapy style with someone who knows, just knows what you are going through. I learned so much about how to take care of my hair, in a way that no other stylist has bothered to help me with. The whole visit was informative and supportive and my hair not only looks and feels amazing, but people around me have noticed the change in the health of my hair since the appointment with Meg. The products make a big difference and I actually like my curls now-not constantly battling with them!

“Curly Hair Alchemist is a YES”
Shane Kulman

I can’t say enough about Meg. She has the technical skills to cut and tame curls. She also has wonderful styling skills. I like change and she works with me every time to give me a new, chic and fun style – the kind that makes people stop me in the street to ask who cuts my hair! The products have cured my hair – no fly aways, lots of shine, curls for days! But the cut is the thing – and Meg’s got my vote.

Adele S.
“Meg is not only talented, she also brings such bright energy and comfort to your experience.”
Jessica Taveras

After a lifetime of struggles with my curly hair, I lost trust in hair dressers and proceeded to cut my own hair for a number of years. I went out on a limb to try a professional again, and it was so refreshing to find someone who truly understood how to cut & style my hair. Meg is not only talented, she also brings such bright energy and comfort to your experience. We may have started out as a professional/client relationship but over the years this has grown into a beautiful friendship.

Jessica Taveras
“lovingly empathetic encouragement puts you at ease”
Jeff McBride

Meg listens intently. She’s 100% there, hearing what you’re saying, reading through what you say to see your core values, identifying your beliefs. She presses you to look at them, to understand the context from which you’re operating. Meg has a strong feminine presence, and her feedback is direct, yet gentle, helping you to feel through what your goals are and to identify how your approach could be improved by helping you see through the eyes of the others involved with the issue you’re dealing with. She’s very easy to talk to, and the combination of constructive criticism and lovingly empathetic encouragement puts you at ease and challenges you at the same time.

Jeff McBride
“I’m so glad Meg came into my life.  She really changed my relationship with my hair.”
Jendra Jarnagin

I used to hate my hair.  I have fine, wavy hair that would get stringy when I would grow it long, so I kept it short for most of my adult life.  I believed I was just cursed with “bad hair.”  Then I got inspired by working in film and witnessing the magic that the stylists did with the actors’ hair.  I realized that it was just a matter of learning to manage the hair you had and that more was possible with my own hair, so I started growing it…….

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“I can’t wait to go back! Meg’s work really gives you a really precise plan for adding color, down to individual curls.”
Cathy M

I really didn’t think that my wimpy, frizzy, wavy shoulder-length hair held any promise of looking good any way but keratined and blown-out straight.  Meg was a new stylist for me and instantly her consultation was thoughtful and in-depth. She looked through my hair for quite a while and then spoke with me about how curly could actually work for me…….

“Meg is a curly hair rock star!”
Keila B

I am Dominican. That means many things but primarily it means two things:

1.) I do not have naturally straight hair
2.) I was raised to be ashamed of the fact that I do not have naturally straight hair.

I spent the first 18 years of my life straightening my hair into submission and trying to pretend I had straight hair…….

“Meg truly facilitates the transformation of her clients from outside to inside which is an experience unique to her personality and skill set.”
Francesca Farinacci-Mesisco

The relationship I’ve developed among Meg, myself, and my hair has endured 7 years, 4 moves domestic and abroad, and countless experiences. Through it all, when it has come to finding a place for caring for myself authentically, I’ve been drawn to Meg’s chair. Meg was the first stylist I entrusted with giving me a short cut after over 25 years of long hair.……

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“Meg is my “hair whisperer”. Yes, she is awesome!”

Meg brought my curls back! Meg has cut my hair twice and never disappointed me. She is worth the money. I’m from Brooklyn and I go to Dobbs Ferry just for Meg.