Praised by Cathy M.

I really didn’t think that my wimpy, frizzy, wavy shoulder-length hair held any promise of looking good any way but keratined and blown-out straight.  Meg was a new stylist for me and instantly her consultation was thoughtful and in-depth. She looked through my hair for quite a while and then spoke with me about how curly could actually work for me.  Then she cut my hair, dry.  Amazingly, after a few very well-placed snips, I could see the difference and knew I was in the right place. When Meg styled my newly conditioned hair, she again took her time looking at specific waves and curls and how everything fell naturally.  A few more snips and I was dried using a diffuser–and then blown away by the transformation. I had defined, rich-looking curls that fell just the right way.  I’ve used the Deva products and methods a few times at home since then, and the results are terrific.    It is SO great to be free of blow-drying and burning my hair straight.  And it looks so much healthier already. I can’t wait to go back! Meg’s work really gives you a really precise plan for adding color, down to individual curls.  Remarkable.

Cathy M