Praised by Francesca Farinacci-Mesisco

The relationship I’ve developed among Meg, myself, and my hair has endured 7 years, 4 moves domestic and abroad, and countless experiences. Through it all, when it has come to finding a place for caring for myself authentically, I’ve been drawn to Meg’s chair. Meg was the first stylist I entrusted with giving me a short cut after over 25 years of long hair. Her authenticity has encouraged me to accept my curly hair as an extension of my inner self- something to embrace and enjoy in all of its forms. Not only have I walked away with a stronger sense of self-worth because of this relationship, but also with the courage to explore who I am through my hair-something I never expected to gain from a hair cut! Meg truly facilitates the transformation of her clients from outside to inside which is an experience unique to her personality and skill set. I’m so thankful my curls brought me to Meg!

Francesca Farinacci-Mesisco