Praised by Keila B.

I am Dominican. That means many things but primarily it means two things:

1.) I do not have naturally straight hair
2.) I was raised to be ashamed of the fact that I do not have naturally straight hair.

I spent the first 18 years of my life straightening my hair into submission and trying to pretend I had straight hair. But when I went away to college, I didn’t have my mom or a local Dominican salon to enable my curly hair denial so I had no choice but to go curly. So I would wash, condition, and slather with gel and hope for the best. This went on for about 12 years until a fellow curly headed friend introduced me to the Curly Girl book. I started to care for and style my hair.


I was introduced to the lovely Meg. She is a curly hair rock star! I booked with Meg and put my trust in her. Meg cut my hair shorter than I have had it in a while because my ends were just nasty. She has given me two of the best haircuts of my life.

ONE THING TO NOTE: despite being a Deva girl for some time, I always resisted the tough sell on the products and just got along on drugstore brands. This past year I finally switched to their products and the change has been remarkable. Use the products. Trust me.

Keila B.