Meg Conkling

Meg Conkling is a Curly Hair Specialist, who sees hair as gateway to a woman’s soul.  She provides a secure environment for transformation. Known as Curly Hair Alchemist who spent  over 6 years of in-depth training with the renowned and revolutionary DevaCurl® certification.

As the Curly Hair Alchemist, her mission is to physically transform natural hair with beauty services that integrate the empowerment of mind, body and spirit.

As an educator Meg is currently producing Return to Her Roots Series: Reconnecting women to their inner beauty. The goal of this event is to inspire women to embrace  and accept the challenges that are often experienced in a beauty standard. Her vision is to create new beauty standards. A New Beauty Standard is about self awareness and to define beauty for yourself.

Quarterly in salon Education Series for parents ad children with multi-textural hair types. Hands on training, product knowledge and selective tools for a better understanding of their child’s unique texture.

Meg Conkling specializes in common skin disorders of the scalp; eczema and psoriasis. Currently she is collaborating with a chemist to create a botanical treatment that will reduce inflammation and dry skin. It will launch Spring of 2018!

Will be featured in Allure Beauty Blog. An active member of EMERGE:Natural Beauty Industry Alliance; a national network for professional development and leadership in the beauty industry  and Curly Hair Artistry: a team of beauty curly hair advocates. Traveling Field  Educator for DevaCurl: teaching stylist how to utilize the DevaCurl dry cut methodology.

What It Means To Be Natural?

Let’s get educated here for a sec. The term “natural”, if you look up the dictionary version, means: based on the state of things in nature. The origin of this word is latin; natura means birth, nature, and quality. In layman’s terms, for our use of this word, is that our hair is in its natural state, unaltered, and true to form.

We have to stop this notion that natural isn’t for everyone. It is simply not true. How your hair is naturally is exactly how it’s supposed to be.

No matter what color you are, or ethnicity, if your hair is not chemically treated then you my dear are natural.

Being naturally textured is a journey. Where are you on your journey? Where have you been? Where do you want to go? Let’s start there!

Alchemy noun | al·che·my |ˈal-mē

: a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way

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