Meg Conkling is a Curly Hair Specialist, who sees hair as an organic canvas that paints the gateway to a woman’s soul.  Being a multicultural child her upbringing gave her insights to the horrors of frizz and very bad haircuts. 

Known as Curly Hair Alchemist who spent  over 6 years of in-depth training with the renowned and revolutionary DevaCurl® certification. Her organic approach to shaping and coloring natural textures has women of all curl kind feeling confident in their journey!


“ALL Curls have their own language, I am purely a translator. With the right system, the right attitude and the best product ingredients your unique curls will perform and your confidence will soar."

She provides a secure and professional environment for transforming all textures from wavy, curly and coily. As the Curly Hair Alchemist, her mission is to physically transform natural hair with beauty services that integrate the empowerment of mind, body and spirit.


Member of Curly Hair Artistry, DevaCurl® Certified and EMERGE:Natural Beauty Industry Alliance. An advocate for Innersense Organic Beauty, DevaCurl and the  first Curl Expert in the U.S to carry TREPADORA Curl Therapy.